Veterans' Greenhouse is a non-profit organization founded by William James Thomas, a retired military veteran, to help those that suffer from the traumas of combat and the less fortunate.

Our goal is to provide a safe, therapeutic space for veterans who suffer from PTSD, teach them valuable practical skills to feed themselves, and to help their community by assisting those in need.  

Our primary goal is to stress the need for a healthy diet produced in a natural and organic environment. 
Our bodies are machines. Machines require a power source. Our diet affects every aspect of our lives -- our work, our sleep, our relationships, and, most importantly, our minds. Your life can be drastically altered with a lack of nutritious foods or an unhealthy diet.  As our fields were arranged to mimic assembly line processing indicative of the industrial age, our diets diversity began to diminish. Today billions of dollars of machinery has been built to cater to only a handful of plant species. Through development of universal horticulture machinery we hope to see our diets diversify once again. 

As a species humanity is simply not doing enough to preserve our ecosystem or our lives. 
It is our fervent hope that the Veterans' Greenhouse operation will open the hearts and minds of many. We will empower individuals, one greenhouse at a time, to feed themselves and those less fortunate. A veteran is someone who, at some point in time, signed a blank paycheck on their lives to protect and serve the people. Veterans' Greenhouse will allow those veterans to continue their service and give them a purpose in which they can believe. We will be a place where a Veteran can help make the world a better place and have an opportunity to help their community. 

Veterans will be educated on how to execute this same build for themselves. 
From the technological prowess to the art of horticulture we are determined to educate veterans in order to provide for themselves. Our labs are the perfect place to implement a teaching environment for those willing to learn. Education is knowledge and knowledge is power. Empowerment of the individual with the right skills to make a difference and the confidence to execute those skills is paramount. We understand that not everyone learns the same way so we've put advanced screening processes in place which including aptitude tests, review of the ASVAB scores, and a strict interview process in order to ensure we employee the best educators we possible.  We are looking for hard chargers with a desire to help those in need.

Volunteers are more than welcome in our organization as well. After screening, you will be placed into our system according to your skills and expertise. There will be positions in the organization for all people, not only veterans. We understand the strong desire to serve others and would never discourage that. Positions will be posted on this website. 

Every requisite technology has been implemented elsewhere.

To pull this off the only thing we have to do is assemble the parts.  Automation is the standard of the manufacturing industry. While other endeavors seek to replicate the custom assembly line machinery seen throughout manufacturing over the past 100 years, we are looking forwards at more modern machines that can be reprogrammed to fulfill any needed task.

The food is grown in a controlled environment with the latest in technology.

State of the art automated climate control and water regulation will ensure the facilities work at top efficiency.  Sensors will be used to monitor the pH levels of the soil and water in addition to other aspects that are necessary for healthy, productive plant growth. 

Our US Veterans will be the first workforce to join us in our plight.

As we intend to spread our technology throughout the U.S.A as quickly as possible the workforce we select to share our torch with must be robust and willing to help those around them.  Veterans make up a disproportionate part of our homeless and unemployed demographics. It should not be this way. By putting the reigns of our technology in the hands of our Veterans we hope that they will in turn uplift other Veterans.  We hope to produce an industry where they will always be welcomed. 

Moving agricultural production into a warehouse setting helps us move away from pesticides.

Studies have shown that pesticides effect much more than just the farmland where they are released.  They show up in our groundwater, they show up in rivers and streams, they show up on our dinner plates.  To think that these chemicals are harmless even in minute quantities is dangerous. While protecting our food supply is paramount to sustaining our population, the damage to the insect life that is a part of our ecosystem is eventually going to catch up to us.  Not only does moving away from soil remove their hiding and breeding places within the growing environment, it makes mechanically handling the pests that do invade our space feasible.

We are mindful of our footprint on the ecosystem. 
LED lighting will be used to ensure our power consumption firmly takes into account the ecological impact. Solar arrays will be used to provide our primary means of electricity. We are stewards of the environment and take our responsibilities very seriously. The use of fossil fuels and the pollution they are causing endangers us all. It is eventually our hope to become a completely "green" organization.

We are NOT the only ones, but we are the only ones trying to give it directly to the people.

There are other commercial research and development projects taking place to automate so-called aquaponic greenhouses.  These projects all seek to reduce the work-hour requirements inherent to these systems. The biggest difference between our endeavor and others is that we plan to disperse our technology as quickly as possible by giving control of it directly to the people, not the corporations.  

Changing climates have already begun to affect agricultural operations throughout the world.

The weather is undeniably changing, though the cause is widely debated.  These changes have begun to cause trouble for not only 3rd world countries but here at home in the U.S.A.  While we have the infrastructure in place here to overcome the worst effects of these early changes, no one knows what the future will bring.  As our footprint consists of climate controlled warehouse space we can begin to protect our food supply as though it were as important as our other belongings.   

Drought and famine are not fictitious stories from history.

Regardless of what is causing our planet to change we must be ready for it to do so.  Aquaponic growing facilities have more benefits than just sheltering them from the weather.  The water requirements see more than a 90% reduction compared to the requirements of soil based agriculture.  Soil depletion is completely irrelevant as the closed loop system is constantly producing the required nutrients.  Just add water and sunlight. 

The technology that powers Veterans' Greenhouse will be directed by Attuned Data. 
The team at Attuned Data are experts in IT fields, infrastructure, and FCC compliance. In addition to their oversight of the Veterans' Greenhouse infrastructure they will be conducting introductory computer classes free for veterans. They utilize advanced robotics, advanced security protocols, and the latest hardware to make everything work seamlessly. For the duration of this project they are on call 24/7 in order to keep the operation running.

A Personal Message From Our Founder:

"There is no better feeling in the world than you helping other people.

My voice does not need to be heard to understand what I am saying. Honor is found in the selfless service to other. I want people to feel empowered, confident, and achieve an internal happiness that seems to be so hard for so many to grasp. I believe people will see this and believe that they can make positive changes to the world. I will never quit trying to make this dream a reality and our work will stand as proof that America has never lapsed in its promise of opportunity and greatness. Together, we will show you that happiness and prosperity are waiting for those who are willing to take that brave step to put others before themselves. We will see this dream become a reality and, in turn, help others achieve their dreams. We will change the world." - William James Thomas

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